Health and wellbeing

Children’s healthy development is vital for their learning and wellbeing and lays the foundation for a happy and healthy life. Families have access to a range of SA Health services and programs through il nido Children’s Centre which includes:

  • Health promotion materials and activities on dental health, healthy eating and physical activity and health, child development and parenting information.
  • Child and Family Health Services, such as maternal health nurses and child health checks.
  • Allied Health Program: at il nido, we have an Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist.

The Allied Health staff share specialised knowledge that supports Children’s Centre staff in identifying children at risk of developmental delay and support staff and parents in promoting children’s optimal development.

Speech pathologists assist with all aspects of communication including speech, language, literacy, signs, symbols and gestures and can also assist with issues around eating and drinking.

Occupational therapists support children’s optimal participation in and performance of daily activities. This may involve strengthening of play skills, fine and gross motor skills, concentration and self-regulation skills.

At il nido the Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist work to build the capacity of staff, parents, carers and the community of the centre through:

  • centre staff support: one-to-one consultation and professional development sessions on a range of topics, resource development, screening, assessments and programming assistance
  • parenting programs and support including, parenting groups, one-to-one consultation, strategies for assisting children with toileting, feeding, play, speech and language skills and provision of written information/brochures and assistance with referral pathways
  • children’s group programs including groups that promote areas such as language, early literacy, movement and social skills
  • supported playgroups and involvement in the family contact program

Referrals can be made to;

  • Primary Health Care Services, such as speech pathology, occupational therapy and nutrition groups, young mother’s groups, fatherhood programs and Aboriginal health programs.
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, including therapy for children and parents and The Incredible Years program.

Other health services

A list including other health services that might help you or someone you know is available.


Health services and programs

Child and Family Health Service Clinic services are offered at il nido Children’s Centre on Mondays (as of November 2016), Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and services include;

  • New Parent Groups.
  • Drop in clinic 9.00am – 11.00am (Wednesday’s only and no appointment necessary)
  • Baby weighing facilities are available Monday – Friday (no appointment necessary)

See the what’s on calendar for more details.

All appointments can be made by phoning the appointment line – 1300 733 606.

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